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About our initial meeting process

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Due to increased demand for our services, we are typically fully booked 2-3 weeks in advance. Please contact our team to start this process – phone 02 8084 0453 or by email.

Meetings are held in our Chatswood office, Monday to Thursday 10am-4pm. Directions to our office are here.

We ask potential clients to complete a brief questionnaire. This questionnaire enables us to better understand your situation; to ensure we understand the key issues you face; and for us to ensure we can add more value than the fees we will charge you. Where we believe there is strong potential for an ongoing relationship we will let you know.

If you are in Melbourne or Brisbane we regularly travel to meet existing clients in these locations. We have clients living in regional Australia and working overseas and offer online meetings via Skype.

Yes. We have clients in regional Australia, Melbourne and Brisbane. We have clients working overseas in the USA, Middle East, Europe and throughout Asia. We also have clients based in Sydney who due to work and family reasons can’t always make it to our Chatswood office. We conduct meetings via Skype and phone depending upon their location and time zone.

Ideally we like to conduct your Initial Meeting and Strategy Meetings face-to-face so we can get to know each other better.

You can arrange a 45 minute to 1 hour meeting with one of our experts by phone 02 8084 0453 or by email.

The cost of your initial meeting with your independent Quantum Financial planner is $550.

We only offer initial meetings to potential clients where we believe that our discussion will add more value than the cost.

You may think an initial meeting fee is unusual for financial planners, however the best financial planners in the country have a similar approach.

We adopt the same approach as our specialist medical clients (cardiologists, oncologists, etc) and issue you an invoice for your personalised, initial professional consultation.

Before we meet our team will ask you to complete and return our questionnaire.

This enables us to have a better understanding of your most important issues before we meet. If you have the information already collated in another format just send that through – no need to recreate the wheel!

In your Initial Meeting we focus on your concerns and the services and characteristics of your desired advisor rather than collecting basic information. This is why completing and returning your questionnaire is so important.

Our team will confirm your Initial Meeting once we have received your completed questionnaire.

If we don’t know anything about you before our initial meeting, we cannot judge whether we can add more value in your circumstances than the fees we will charge you.

So, if you are unable to return this completed questionnaire prior to your meeting, please let us know and we will reschedule your meeting.

If we believe we can add more value in your circumstances that the fee we will charge, we will provide you with a tailored Service Agreement within 5 business days. It outlines the services we will provide you and details the all inclusive, fixed fee for your first year of service.

If we don’t believe we can add more value than the fee we will charge, we will be totally up front and frank with you.

If you wish to partner with Quantum Financial, simply return the completed Service Agreement and we will welcome you as a wonderful new client.

We encourage you to ask us all your questions and to ensure we are a good fit for you. You will leave the meeting with a good sense of our business, our experience and our investment philosophy.

We use this meeting as an opportunity to ensure we can add more value in your circumstances than the fee we charge.

When you call Quantum Financial on 02 8084 0453, you will speak to my of our wonderful team members who will do their very best to assist you.

I outline the exciting process we undertake when you decide to partner with Quantum Financial.

After your initial meeting, we will undertake a highly structured process in which we assess your personal circumstances, the complexity of your situation, our assessment of our professional time and any additional risk factors. I will then provide you with a completely transparent fixed fee in your Service Agreement. You will know to the dollar how much you will pay before you commit to anything.

Quantum Financial’s minimum annual fee for a basic client situation is $10,000. Your fee will be calculated based on your circumstances. This one agreed, fixed fee is the only fee Quantum Financial receives for providing your services.

We know that Quantum Financial are not the cheapest financial planners in the market. For clients we partner with, we know that we will add more value than the fees you will pay.

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