What our clients say about us

“Transparent fee for service model”

“I chose Quantum as my advisors because of their transparent fee for service model rather than a commission based approach. In addition to the transparency, I’ve also found that Claire and Tim Mackay are super smart people.”

Jo, Senior Media Executive […]

“Treat us as people, rather than just clients and more importantly as a family”

“The two main reasons why we chose Quantum were that unlike many other financial advisors, Quantum charge a fee for service rather than lining their pockets with commissions. Reason number two is that they are small and we’re not “just a number” to them.”

Paul and Margaret, Senior international engineering executive […]

“We chose Quantum because of their professionalism, their reputation”

“We’ve learned a lot over the years of working with Claire and Tim. After all we want to achieve two things – (1) Achieving a better financial position (2) A simpler administrative process to grow our assets.”

Paul and Marlene, Senior international recruitment executive […]

“An enormous burden has been lifted off my shoulders”

“I was looking for someone whom I could trust to look after the affairs of my elderly and not very mobile mother.”

David, Doctor and Professor of Haematology […]

“I expect my financial advisor to be active on my behalf & have my money work for me”

“Above all, they provide me with sound financial advice, are very professional, knowledgeable and good communicators.”

Barry and Eileen, Retired senior executive […]

“Level of communication and transparency is nothing short of outstanding”

“The fact that it is a family business, which their father has built up, gives me the confidence I have chosen the right advisors. I also appreciate the fact that their father continues to be their mentor.”

Mal, retired Qantas pilot […]

“I’m a medical doctor, with a booming practice”

“Claire acts as my financial controller.  She’s proactive and sorts out my personal and business tax obligations including BAS, worker’s compensation, insurances etc., which takes a major burden off my shoulders and gives me peace of mind.”

Andy, ENT Specialist […]

“Trust and mutual respect”

“I have a professional finance background and could handle my finances myself. They’re not the cheapest financial planners by any means, but I’m happy to pay a fee that is fair and transparent.”

Stephen and Cherry, ASX 200 Finance Director […]

“They are here for us, willing and ready to listen and help”

“Being in our mid 50’s, we thought it was time for us to get our financial future structured in a way that provides us with the security we need in our retirement.”

Maureen and Sanjay, Senior IT consultants […]

“I knew I needed a financial advisor that I could trust implicitly”

“After the sudden death of my husband, I felt very vulnerable and I knew I needed a financial advisor that I could trust implicitly.”

Lee, Widow […]

“What really struck me was the process, the method and their communication”

“We were looking for truly independent financial advice”

Lucy and Steve, Australian Defence Force […]

“Allowing us to retire in as much comfort as possible”

“We wanted to ensure our financial future was structured effectively, allowing us to retire in as much comfort as possible and we felt that we needed some professional support and guidance.”

Michael and Karen, Doctor […]

“They care about my wellbeing and they keep me well informed”

“Claire and Tim Mackay, Bill’s children, have now taken on the business, and I can only say that both of them are looking after me as well as their father did. They both are highly qualified, very knowledgeable; they care about my wellbeing and they keep me well informed.”

Shirley, Retiree […]

“Gives me a great deal of peace of mind”

“My wife is not good with numbers.  And it gives me a great deal of peace of mind to know that should something happen to me, Bev can 100% trust the advice given by Claire and Tim Mackay.  I wouldn’t move my business away from them.”

Barry and Bev, Retirees […]

“No hesitation recommending Quantum Financial”

“My focus is to build wealth and I need strategies to be able to achieve that.  However, I really don’t have time to keep myself informed and updated as to what the financial markets are doing. This is why I engage specialists in the field.”

Hew and Vicki, Senior engineering executive […]

“It’s ironic that a ‘rejection’ can actually make you feel good.”

“One of the hallmarks of a true professional is admitting they can’t actually help.”

Jay, Finance executive […]

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