Responsible for managing family wealth

You have worked incredibly hard to build up your successful business and you want peace of mind your wealth is working hard for you. As custodian of your family’s significant wealth, you want confidence about:

  • How do I best protect and grow our wealth?
  • Will my advisor have investing expertise and provide exclusive private wealth management services ?
  • Will I get access to best of breed investment ideas and sophisticated strategies?
  • Will I partner with some of the best wealth managers in the country?
  • Will my financial advisor and accountant work seamlessly together?
  • Will I avoid high risk investments that lose my family money?
  • Will my wealth be passed onto my family in the most tax efficient way?

To arrange a confidential initial discussion:

Why choose Quantum Financial?

Independent financial advice

Financial advice free from ownership conflicts, commissions and conflicts.

Advice in your best interests

Australia’s most awarded independent financial planning practice.

Transparent, fixed fee

The fee includes all services for the first year.

All inclusive fixed fee

Fees are agreed up front before you commit to anything.

Award winning financial advice

Quantum Financial provides award winning investment & financial planning advice.

Australia's most awarded

Our advisors have been awarded Financial Planner, Investment Advisor & SMSF Advisor of the Year.

Recognised experts

Among the most qualified and experienced advisors.

Professional experts

Our planners are also qualified accountants, lawyers, SMSF experts & tax experts.

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