Don’t take our word – read what others say about us

“With so many conflicted planners operating in this country it is important to have a voice that stands out for those planners who have embraced a model that promotes their clients’ interests.”

Adele Ferguson, Multi Walkley & Logie award winning Fairfax finance journalist.

“A mate of mine is Claire Mackay, a financial planning wiz and was recently gonged Financial Planner of the Year. She helps people set themselves up for the future.”

David Koch, Channel 7 Sunrise Presenter and finance expert . Watch David below.

“It’s a battle for independence. Claire Mackay is one of a new generation of financial planners fighting to reform the industry”

Stephen Long , Respected ABC TV economics reporter on ABC TV’s flagship current affairs program, 7:30

“I checked with Claire Mackay, our resident financial planner, and asked how she gets her clients to balance their budget.”

David Koch, Channel 7 Sunrise Presenter and finance expert. Watch Claire and David below.

“Tim & Claire Mackay have been tireless in their help explaining complicated financial issues so that non-specialists can appreciate what happened and, hopefully, avoid making the same mistake.”

Duncan Hughes, Australian Financial Review business journalist and Walkley Business Award winner.

“Tim and Claire are prime examples of young professionals who run a successful business by providing independent professional advice that enables them to act in their clients’ best interest without conflict.”

Dante De Gori, CEO of the Financial Planning Association.

“I regularly seek comment from Tim and Claire Mackay for stories about investing and industry trends. I have always found them to be accurate, fair, insightful, prompt and courteous.”

Duncan Hughes, Australian Financial Review business journalist and Walkley Business Award winner.

“But it’s not just regulators like ASIC and “snipers” like me who are transforming the financial planning industry – it’s the new generation of planners, people like Tim and Claire Mackay of Chatswood in Sydney… they now work in their father Bill’s financial planning firm, Quantum Financial Services.”

Alan Kohler, Respected ABC TV and Eureka Report expert.

“Tim and Claire are the children of Bill Mackay, who set up a financial planning firm called Quantum Financial Services in Chatswood, Sydney, (22) years ago. They have five degrees between them, including MBAs, they’re both chartered accountants and certified financial planners, and they represent the bright future of financial planning.”

Alan Kohler, Respected ABC TV and Eureka Report expert writing in Eureka Report.

“Your contribution, coming from a smaller, independent advice firm, added an important perspective and depth to the debate, both in the panel discussion on vertical integration and at the forum more generally.”

Greg Medcraft, Chair of the financial services regulator ASIC.

“Dear Claire, It was a pleasure having you join us at our Superannuation Business Line National Leadership Conference ‘Reinventing the ATO – what does this mean for Super’. The comments you made at our panel discussion were very insightful and the feedback we received from our participants was very positive. Thank you for giving us your time and sharing your experiences.”

Alison Lendon, Deputy Commissioner Superannuation, Australian Taxation Office.

“Hi Claire, I just wanted thank you for participating in the (FPA Congress) panel session with Paul and doing the MC role for Carl Richards. You did an outstanding job in both roles and we appreciate your participation more than you will know. Thanks again Claire ! Kind Regards Mark”

Mark Rantall, Financial Planning Association CEO.

“Claire has an intimate understanding of these topics and an ability to explain them in a very simple, easy to understand manner. More than that, (she is) passionate about the well being of both (her) customers and (her) industry. My observation is that (she) has a strong desire to see financial planning become a trusted profession focused on quality advice rather than selling products.”

Andrew Robertson, Respected ABC TV finance expert .

“I really feel for Claire and financial planners like her, because I have a similar problem. I’ve been journalist for 44 years and always tried to uphold the highest standards. But there are other people called journalists who don’t do that. The standards of my profession are not enforced and, in fact, virtually anyone can call themselves a journalist.”

Alan Kohler, Respected ABC TV and Eureka Report expert writing in Eureka Report.

“Dear Claire, Having received some very good – and some not so good – financial planning advice down the years I agree with what you say. A good financial planner can make an enormous difference to people’s lives and you have every right to be proud of your profession. The bad apples have been costly in many ways and, like you, I strongly support reforms that make it more difficult for them to operate.”

Andrew Denton, Australian TV producer, comedian, TV presenter & former radio host.

“In numerous examples Claire and Tim Mackay have given public comments requiring precision and courage because of the possibility that angry competitors might retaliate.”

Duncan Hughes, Australian Financial Review business journalist and Walkley Business Award winner.