Independent advisors: Australia’s #1 Most Trusted Source of Advice

No ties to financial institutions, no commissions, no conflicts, no surprises

Why is independence advice important?

When it comes to your finances, financial independence should be high on your list of goals. And if it’s not, it should be.

Independence means being able to afford what you want to do when you need or want to do it. It means you can live your dream lifestyle and it means you are able to provide all the opportunities you can to your family. It also means you want independent advice that in your best interests.

Lack of independence fills us with a sense of:

  • Uncertainty
  • Forces outside of our control
  • Exposure to conflicts that can work against us.


Avoid Advisors pulled in 2 different directions!

You want confidence that your advisor is on your side, not tied to and conflicted by a financial institution!


No kick-backs, no commissions

  • Avoid hidden and complicated commissions you don’t understand
  • Ensure you are in control at all times, not whoever is paying the hidden commission
  • Avoid products that pay embedded commissions forever


Why you need to update your SMSF investment strategy

Key point: With the new financial year approaching, now is the time to bring your self-managed superannuation fund’s investment strategy up to date and stay in the ATO’s good books.

Why politicians need to understand the true nature of SMSFs

Digging behind ATO statistics shows mum and dad trustees are more likely to have less than $350,000 each in super, rather than boasting of harbourside mansions.

Client update on the election, markets and your super

We provide our updated research and analysis for clients post the 2016 Australian election.

Advice for our jet setting retiree clients

We summarise the key issues for our jet-setting retiree clients following the material super changes announced in Budget 2016.

Advice for our pre-retiree clients

We summarise the key issues for our clients in their mid 50s to mid 60s following the material super changes announced in Budget 2016.

Advice for our turbo charger clients

We summarise the key issues for our clients in their mid 40s to mid 50s following the material super changes announced in Budget 2016.

Changing gears in Europe

Our recommendation – Changing gear in Europe. This is our revised Investing Insights advice for clients based on the ongoing Brexit issue.

“Transparent fee for service model”

“I chose Quantum as my advisors because of their transparent fee for service model rather than a commission based approach. In addition to the transparency, I’ve also found that Claire and Tim Mackay are super

Lessons on running a successful business

In 2016 Quantum Financial directors Tim Mackay and Claire Mackay were honoured to be asked by the Australian Institute of Company Directors to present at their inaugural conference in Melbourne. The theme for the inaugural

Our advice to clients right now

10 years ago when I was a research analyst periods of market volatility were absolute hell. The phone would ring red hot with fund manager after hedge fund manager after fund manager demanding to know

“I’m a medical doctor, with a booming practice”

“Claire acts as my financial controller. She’s proactive and sorts out my personal and business tax obligations including BAS, worker’s compensation, insurances etc., which takes a major burden off my shoulders and gives me peace

“Trust and mutual respect”

“I have a professional finance background and could handle my finances myself. They’re not the cheapest financial planners by any means, but I’m happy to pay a fee that is fair and transparent.” Stephen and

“With so many conflicted planners operating in this country it is important to have a voice that stands out for those planners who have embraced a model that promotes their clients’ interests.”

Adele Ferguson, Multi Walkley & Logie award winning Fairfax finance journalist.