Managing cashflow

  • As a successful business owner, are you dedicating enough time to managing your personal finances?
  • Are you seeking to partner with a trusted and independent financial planner who understands the specific needs of business owners?
  • Do you have the right insurance in place to protect yourself and the right structures for protection and investing?
  • Do you want to ensure your keeping your tax as low as possible?

Quantum Financial’s independent financial planners can guide you confidently through the specific needs of successful business owners. As qualified financial planners, accountants, tax experts, lawyers and SMSF experts, Quantum Financial planners can work seamlessly with your existing legal and accounting advisors.

Why choose us

      • Independent financial advice in your best interests
      • Confidence, clarity and direction. We take away your money concerns.
      • Guide your family through some of life’s most important and stressful financial decisions
      • Fees are completely transparent, fixed and agreed up front.
      • Australia’s most awarded financial planning practice, our advisors are also qualified lawyers, accountants, tax experts and SMSF advisors.

What clients say

I was looking for someone whom I could trust to look after the affairs of my elderly and not very mobile mother. A Financial Advisor who was ethical, truly independent, honest, reliable and transparent in their dealings with investment houses. And I found not one, but two in Claire and Tim Mackay.

David, Specialist doctor, Professor
The team at Quantum is great. My wife is not good with numbers. And it gives me a great deal of peace of mind to know that should something happen to me, Bev can 100% trust the advice given by Claire and Tim Mackay. I wouldn’t move my business away from them.
Barry and Bev, Retirees living in Berry
I feel that my financial life is managed, I have a vision, I can follow a structure, I can achieve goals and with all of this in place I have become more disciplined in dealing with my money.
Jo, Editor, Finance media