Choosing a financial planner

Choosing to partner with a trusted financial planner can be a difficult decision. You have worked incredibly hard and have been successful in your business life. You want to work with a fellow professional who you can trust to put your money to work for you.

You want peace of mind that they have the professional skills to understand your entire financial position – your investments, your structures, your tax, your accounting and your Self Managed Super Fund.

You want a financial sounding board – someone one who identifies good investment opportunities for you and who prevents you making financial mistakes. You also want the comfort that your financial planner that they will be there for you and your family for the long term, not retire themselves in a few years.

Below we share some insights into how to choose a trusted financial planner.

“I used to subscribe to all sorts of newspapers, financial reports etc., just to make sure that my financial advisor was kept on the straight and narrow. I don’t have to do this anymore. I trust Quantum Financial to do the right thing. An enormous burden has been lifted off my shoulders.”
David, Specialist doctor
“One of the most important factors for me to choose a financial planner is that they are truly independent and are not flogging products that are interesting and rewarding for the practice rather than the client. Quantum Financial have always maintained their independence and not allowed any conflicts of interest when it comes to product selection.”
Barry and Bev, Retirees
“The two main reasons why we chose Quantum Financial were that unlike many other financial advisors, they charge a fee for service rather than lining their pockets with commissions. Reason number two is that they are boutique and we’re not “just a number” to them.”
Paul and Margaret, Engineer, fmr CEO of Australian division of an multinational