At Quantum Financial we believe planning ahead for your finances is incredibly important as you age. And when the time comes, planning the move of a loved one into residential aged care can be stressful for the entire family. Many families face a bewildering array of aged care choices which can be completely overwhelming:

· What will it cost?

· What will be the financial impact on our family?

· What are the financial consequences of selling the family home?

· Will we lose our pension entitlements?

If you have concerns or you seek help to plan ahead, please let us know. We will explain the aged care options available, the costs and how to best optimise your finances to pay for the care you need.

Recently MamaMia wrote an article about our wonderful clients Barry and Mary Ellis about some of the aged care choices they have made.

“He was a Qantas captain and she was a Trans Australia Airlines air hostess. They met, they fell in love, and they vowed to stick together in sickness and in health.”

You can read the full MamaMia article [here].