In January 2017 we published the 11th edition of Investing Insights, our bi-annual research publication in which we share our best investing ideas with our wonderful clients.

Investing Insights H1 2017 – ‘Navigating uncharted waters’

Investing Insights Quantum Financial

In the 11th edition of Investing Insights we discuss animal spirits; liken inflation to the Titanic; hark back to Emperor Nasi Goreng and his wall; delve into Breitbart News and the Drudge Report; ponder whether we will find out who really shot JFK; and reminisce about the old firecrackers called throw downs. Have a stab at our really interesting quiz – you may be surprised at the results!

This edition of Investing Insights is a completely Trump free zone (this last claim is fake news). We hope you enjoy!

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Claire Mackay’s recent appearaces on Sky TV

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Bonus material from our latest Investing Insights report

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Technology Insights

If you’re interested in our leading insights into technology in the finance industry, you can read:

Investing Insights: Articles that made us think differently

Given the tumultuous events of 2016, it seems likely in 2017 that we should expect the unexpected to occur. So we at Quantum Financial have a goal of seeking out information and news that makes us look at things differently. Below are quite lengthy articles that we found helped us question our own opinions.

1. Martin Wolf: The long and painful journey to world disorder. As the era of globalisation ends, will protectionism and conflict define the next phase?[Financial Times UK]

2. Dominic Cummings: How the Brexit referendum was won [Spectator UK]

3. Why rural America voted for Trump [NY Times]

4. Google makes so much money, it never had to worry about financial discipline – until now [Bloomberg]

5. How frackers beat OPEC [The Atlantic]

6. The Deutsche Bank downfall: How a pillar of German banking lost its way [Der Spiegel]

7. Trump and Israel [The American Conservative]

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