Recently Financial Standard recognised Quantum Financial advisors as among the most influential financial advisers in Australia.

According to Financial Standard, we are recognised as:

  • “…financial advisers who have made an enormous impact in the industry. They have demonstrated their commitment and intention to usher the financial planning industry into the consumer age.”
  • “…volunteer their time and skills either through local community works and charities, or as active members of their industry associations.”
  • “That they are natural leaders is also a given. They head local or regional chapters of their industry association, spearhead charity projects, or are active members of sports and community groups.”
  • “Enduring influence cannot be created overnight. It is cultivated through years of hard work.”

According to Quantum Financial:

  • “The recognition of industry awards gives our clients the confidence that the investing and financial planning advice they receive is industry leading.”
  • “Existing and potential clients have confidence that their trusted Quantum Financial advisor provides excellence in best practice advice as judged by their peers. When we are recognised as elite experts in the field of financial planning, our clients start even more conversations with us on deeper aspects of their financial lives.”
  • “In our specialised boutique firm we have limited capacity to provide consistently excellent service to our select clients. Award recognition ensures the continuity of our business which gives clients peace of mind knowing that we are there for them for the long haul.”
  • “We see awards processes as a great way to stretch ourselves so we constantly question how we can better serve our clients. From every award process we receive great feedback and ideas from our clients on how to continually improve their advice and service.”

We leave the final word to Financial Standard “You don’t forget influential people. Whether it’s through words, actions, emotions or any other possible interaction—these influential people make a difference. Financial advisers make a difference.’

Most Influential Advisor in Australia
Most Influential Advisor in Australia