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You have likely been handling Australian coins all your life. How well do you know them? Without peeking in your pocket, which way does the Queen face on all Australian (and English) coins? Left or right? And why does she face that way?

Have a think before reading on below.

As a hint, do you know which way will Charles face on our coins when he ascends to the throne?


See if you can see a pattern below (and even an exception to the pattern) to how monarchs face on our coins (and coins throughout the Commonwealth).

QVictoria QEdwardVIIQGeorgeVQEdwardVIII QGeorgeVIQElizabethII







1. Queen Victoria faced right

2. Her son, Edward VII faced left

3. His son, George V faced right

4. His son, Edward VIII also faced right (see comments below)

5. His brother, George VI faced right (effectively ignoring his brothers’ break with tradition)

6. His daughter, Queen Elizabeth II faces right

So the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II) faces right on coins. Many mistakenly think she faces left (that is how she appears on stamps). Her father (George VI) faced left as will her son Prince Charles. The rule for our coins is that monarchs alternate which way they face.

The exception above is Edward VIII (Queen Elizabeth’s uncle) who only reigned for 327 days before abdicating. Few coins were minted with his image but he broke with tradition insisting his left side image was ‘superior’ to his right side.


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