Alan Kohler, Respected ABC TV and Eureka Report expert writing in Eureka Report.

“Bill wouldn’t let them join the family business until they had proved themselves outside, which they have now done. With their father, they are now pushing for change in their chosen profession.

It’s because of individuals like Tim and Claire Mackay that Eureka Report’s long campaign against commissions and conflicts of interest in financial planning is now coming to fruition”

“… and the submission penned by Bill, Tim and Claire Mackay to the Ripoll Inquiry into Financial Products and Services (the inquiry is examining the role of financial advisers in recent failures such as Storm Financial, MFS and Opes Prime) is the best explanation of the problem, and the solution, that I have ever read.”

“And (the ‘advice-based distribution model’) will come to an end if there are enough Tim and Claire Mackays giving independent advice, and proudly calling themselves financial planners, not distributors of products.”

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