Our 5th Vodcast episode comes to you from our founder, Bill Mackay. Bill Mackay explains the 750 year history behind the name he gave the firm, Quantum Financial, when he founded it in 1994.

What’s in a name?
[Investing Insights Vodcast Ep5] From our founder, Bill Mackay

Hello and welcome. I’m Bill Mackay, founder of Quantum Financial.

A lot of people have asked me why I chose the name Quantum Financial. This is the story behind the choosing of that name.

Quantum Financial is a name that has been in the making for 750 years. In my theology degree we studied the life and works of the 13th century philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas. In 1264 he wrote a poem entitled Lauda Sion, and I have always been struck by the lines of that poem.

The lines in Latin was, “Quantum potes tantum aude”, or translated into the English, “As much as you are able, dare to do that”.

The word quantum comes from the Latin word ‘quantus’ which means how much. So since 1994 I have instilled in my team at Quantum Financial a similar attitude to excellence and concrete measures of wealth, two things I want to provide our clients.

You may have noticed the many awards that our business has won over the years. Awards are a great way to benchmark our business against the very best practices in the country.

More importantly we believe that they are a reflection of the ongoing trust and support that our clients have given us over the years.

The award of which I am most proud was awarded by the New South Wales business chamber who recognized Quantum Financial with the Excellence in Business Ethics award. The award was judged across all industries, and it affirmed my decision when I set up Quantum that we should always act ethically, that we dare to do as much as we are able for our clients always.

I hope you enjoyed the story of why I chose Quantum Financial. Thanks for watching and invest wisely.