“I was looking for someone whom I could trust to look after the affairs of my elderly and not very mobile mother.”

David, Doctor and Professor of Haematology

“A financial advisor who was ethical, truly independent, honest, reliable and transparent in their dealings with investment houses.

And I found not one, but two in Claire and Tim Mackay. Both of them are just delightful young people. They are very, very nice, very personable. Their greatest quality, in my view is that, I feel they are decent and honest. I truly believe that they have their client’s best interest at heart.

I have some major issues with the way the Financial Planning industry has charged commissions on product sales as I believe this has often led to conflicts of interest. I couldn’t know if I was “investing” to help me or help the advisor make more commissions!

What resonated with me when I talked to Claire and Tim was that they themselves are at odds with the way the financial planning industry is earning its money. These two young, dynamic and very caring individuals made clear to me that they profoundly disagree with the traditional commission based model.

Over the time I’ve dealt with them, I’ve seen them go out of their way time and time again to help my Mother.

Both of them travelling to my mother’s house for the initial meeting. And that’s not all, Claire, on several occasions took the time to sit down with my mother at her home to ensure that things like utility bills etc., were dealt with in the right way.

This is way beyond anything I’ve experienced with other financial advisors in the past.

I think that Claire and Tim Mackay are very attentive to our needs and are honest, reliable and efficient.

The fee they are charging us is not expensive compared to what I’ve experienced in the past. And given that they don’t get commissions paid behind my back, I certainly don’t feel that Quantum Financial are enriching themselves at my expense.

I used to subscribe to all sorts of newspapers, financial reports etc., just to make sure that my financial advisor was kept on the straight and narrow. I don’t have to do this anymore. I trust Claire and Tim to do the right thing by my Mother. An enormous burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

I feel most comfortable recommending Quantum to my family and. In fact, two of my siblings moved their affairs across to Claire and Tim Mackay.”