Research driven advice

As Quantum Financial is independent with no ties to product providers, we charge our clients on a fee for service basis rather than accepting any commissions, kickbacks or payments from product providers.

You will know the fully transparent, fixed fee that you will pay in the first year to the dollar before you commit to anything. This enables you to make a fully informed decision.

Your fixed first year service fee includes your entire service from Quantum Financial. There are no hidden life insurance commissions or investment kick backs of any type. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all the advice we will give you will be in your best interests.

Investment Insights Report

After your initial meeting (see more [here]), we undertake a structured internal fee for service calculation. We analyse the complexity of your situation (structures, investment mix, family situation, etc), our professional estimate of time and we adjust for relevant risk factors.

Your agreed first year’s fees are due at the time we present you with your strategic and detailed statement of advice.

“I chose Quantum fFinancial as my advisors because of their transparent fee for service model rather than a commission based approach. In addition to the transparency, I’ve also found that Claire and Tim Mackay are super smart people.”
Jo, Senior media executive
“I have some major issues with the way the Financial Planning industry has charged commissions on product sales as I believe this has often led to conflicts of interest. I couldn’t know if I was “investing” to help me or help the advisor make more commissions! What resonated with me when I talked to Quantum Financial was that they themselves are at odds with the way the financial planning industry is earning its money.”
David, Specialist doctor
“I’m very much in favour of the “no commission” fee for service model Quantum Financial has been advocating for many years. This gives me the confidence that they are looking out for me first and foremost rather than selecting products based on commissions they might get.”
Hew and Vicki, Senior engineering executive

Best of breed investments

We will only offer you a tailored Service Agreement if we know we can add more value that the fees that we will charge you. If we don’t think we can, we will tell you this up front. If we think you’re doing a great job on your own then we will tell you this.

You can read more about Quantum Financial’s industry leading no obligation initial meeting process [here].

Proven investment track record

At the end of your first year of service from Quantum Financial, we will re-evaluate the complexity of your issues; our professional estimate of time; and adjusted for relevant risk factors. We will provide you with a new Service Agreement each year if wish to re-engage our services.

On your annual service date our client fees will be increased by 4% each year at a minimum.